Succesful Recruitment Drive Leads to 3 New Contracts

Member News

Following a period of steady growth Marcote UK is pleased to announce we have taken on 3 new spray operatives. As we begin 2019 our shop floor is now ready to increase output, improve efficiencies and continue to work towards our ISO: 9001 accreditation, which we hope to achieve this year.

Sourcing new talent has been a complex area for us to explore and has taken time, analysis and much trial and error. As our sales increased, we wanted to be sure that we were able to deliver technically functional and cosmetically pleasing finishes on time and in budget so increasing the team was vital in assuring the businesses place in the market and increasing our presence within emerging markets.

As we began this process, we initially looked to local agencies specifying potential candidates have shop floor and wet spray experience. As a precision applicator we work with a variety of machinery so no two jobs are the same and this meant that whether individuals had previously sprayed cars, had powder coating experience or worked with other dispersion sprays job specific training was needed to help new team members understand the parts we work with and the methods used. After several months this route proved unsuccessful, so we opted to recruit directly using online advertising agencies.

Changing our approach gave us the opportunity to independently filter applicants, better manage recruitment budgets and connect with people who are actively seeking out fullt time, permanent employment. It was disappointing to see that out of those invited for interview approximately 30% attended however this once again served as a way of filtering out those genuinely seeking work.

Having now understood the level of training input required by our Operations Director we could focus on learning more about the interviewees. This meant a more streamlined process and our experience working with agencies allowed us to improve our instinct for what the right candidate offers when they arrive on site. Punctuality, responsibility, fitness, pace and motivation have been key to the success of our new team integrating with our existing employees.

Harnessing initiative, developing a sense of value within people and expanding skill sets are the three things we are prioritising as employers and we look forward to seeing what our new team members contribute not only to Marcote UK but to their own futures.